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Dear Friend, It’s Not You, It’s Me.

In every friendship, you hit a stage of growth when you will question why you are friends. Sometimes the answer is simple. Easy. Precise. Other times, it’s less certain, it feels murky and clouded. Whether it’s a 1-year friendship or… Continue Reading →

How Being Mixed Race Has Shaped My Life

“What are you?”, I’ve been hearing that question at least once a month my entire life. Usually from curious, albeit well-meaning, strangers. They take in my olive skin, almond shaped eyes, wavy hair and are utterly stumped. I’ve heard Mexican, Native… Continue Reading →

Casual Sexpectations

“Contrary to popular belief, this pussy is mine- it is not your pussy, it is not our pussy…it’s my fucking pussy!”, I found myself screaming this at a man last weekend. One hand pointing a defiant finger in the bastard’s… Continue Reading →

If She Is A Slut, So Am I: Fighting Slut Shaming

Being sex positive, I have taken a lot of flack for supporting the sexual rights of women as an adult; but being a female, I have been hearing words like slut, whore, skank and hooch most of my life- at… Continue Reading →

To Truly Love Yourself, You Have To Forgive The Parts That Are Unforgivable

Everyone has things in their past that they are ashamed of, everyone has things that they wish they could take back…unfortunately, life doesn’t allow you a do-over. The moments and people that shape us the most are the ones that… Continue Reading →

For My Good Guys

Most people think that I am only woman centered because I am a feminist- however, that would be the very antithesis of how I feel. I am person centered, I recognize incredible women as well as incredible men. I have… Continue Reading →

Tell Me How You Want It…

I laid there in total ecstasy, body throbbing, heart racing, with a smile slowly spreading across my swollen lips. His scent was all over me and I could still taste his lips on mine. Breathless and sated, I didn’t have… Continue Reading →

If I let you touch me, does that make me a slut?

It was supposed to be subtle, barely noticed. A glancing look, coupled with a soft caress against my arm, a slight press of your thigh against mine as you moved closer to me. It was so expertly done, so well… Continue Reading →

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