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I Am A Left Over Woman: A Proclamation Of Spinsterhood

Its engagement season and once again, another one of my wonderful friends is about to get hitched- I break the news to my family and carefully wait for their reaction. Heads slowly turning my way, eyes assessing my appearance, mentally… Continue Reading →

You Have The Exact Love Life You Want; You Just Don’t Want To Admit It

Time and time again, I have found myself in the all too familiar fetal position, knees to chest, bawling my eyes out over a some guy who had hurt me. I would swear them off, say “never again” and resolve… Continue Reading →

Why He Won’t Stop Cheating On You

….ha…I knew that would get your attention; now that I’ve got you here let me tell you a little secret- you know deep down, exactly why he (or you) keeps cheating. You’ve always known, but since you’re probably not in… Continue Reading →

Depression, Anxiety and PTSD…Oh My!

When people used to look at me, they never really saw who I was. They saw the image- the makeup, the clothes, the smart ass mouth and the attitude; but very rarely were they ever given a glimpse behind the… Continue Reading →

Surviving An Emotional Incubus

When we start to get to know someone it is a given that we will be putting our best foot forward and displaying the most attractive sides of ourselves. We monitor the conversations that we have, we dress in our… Continue Reading →

Why I Will Not Let Fear Silence Me, Even When It Has Quieted You

I have always been an outspoken person, someone who has never been able to bite her tongue. It has been one of my more controversial traits that people have either whole heartedly loved or hated. This habit of mine to… Continue Reading →

Why The Friendzone Is Your Problem, Not Mine

One of the biggest pet peeves I have is this idea of the “Friendzone”- a place where would-be-suitors lay in waiting for the perfect moment to strike, with the hope of finally convincing their friend that they are indeed, the… Continue Reading →

Why Women Hate Me…Or So I Think

I stumbled across a post on Facebook earlier this week that caught my attention. A guy had posted “Revenge Porn” of his ex on FB for the world to see… as appalling as that was, what was even more horrifying… Continue Reading →

You Can’t Threaten The Feminist Out Of Me- But I’m Sure You Tried

It isn’t easy being an outspoken, sexual woman in this world- I really don’t think it ever will be. Where men are met with encouragement, praise and celebration for embracing who they are in terms of their sexuality and their… Continue Reading →

For The Little Girl I Once Was

Close your eyes for a moment- imagine a little girl, she has your eyes, your hair, your smile- but it isn’t a smile you see on her face, it’s tears. She sits with her knees to her chest, wiping her… Continue Reading →

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