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Its Always Someone Else’s Responsibility To Bring About Change

The past few months I have found myself struggling to find the inspiration to write. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say, in fact, it was entirely the opposite. My concern, my fear, was what people would think… Continue Reading →

Why Dating Women Like Me Is Such A Pain In The Ass

We’ve been called feminists, bitches, girls on a power trip and my personal favorite, cunts. We aren’t called these names because we have done anything extreme or wrong; we are called these names because we dared to live our lives… Continue Reading →

Dear Friend, It’s Not You, It’s Me.

In every friendship, you hit a stage of growth when you will question why you are friends. Sometimes the answer is simple. Easy. Precise. Other times, it’s less certain, it feels murky and clouded. Whether it’s a 1-year friendship or… Continue Reading →

How Being Mixed Race Has Shaped My Life

“What are you?”, I’ve been hearing that question at least once a month my entire life. Usually from curious, albeit well-meaning, strangers. They take in my olive skin, almond shaped eyes, wavy hair and are utterly stumped. I’ve heard Mexican, Native… Continue Reading →

Scandalous Photos Reveal More About You Than They Do About Me

It’s that email that no one ever wants to receive, the one that makes you catch your breath, that makes you feel like someone sucker punched you. What made it worse was that it came from a “friend”; what added… Continue Reading →

No, Becky, You Cannot Touch My Dog!

Yes, I know she is cute. Yes, I know she is pocket sized, which makes for an intense need to snuggle. And yes- I will admit that her ears are the softest things I have ever felt…But no, Becky, you… Continue Reading →

Casual Sexpectations

“Contrary to popular belief, this pussy is mine- it is not your pussy, it is not our pussy…it’s my fucking pussy!”, I found myself screaming this at a man last weekend. One hand pointing a defiant finger in the bastard’s… Continue Reading →

If She Is A Slut, So Am I: Fighting Slut Shaming

Being sex positive, I have taken a lot of flack for supporting the sexual rights of women as an adult; but being a female, I have been hearing words like slut, whore, skank and hooch most of my life- at… Continue Reading →

How I Learned To Love Myself When The World Told Me I Was Unlovable

“How did you learn to love yourself?”- I have been asked this question so many times that it has made me start to ask “who taught you not to love yourself?”. I see uncertainty, confusion, loss, insecurity, and dread- all… Continue Reading →

To Truly Love Yourself, You Have To Forgive The Parts That Are Unforgivable

Everyone has things in their past that they are ashamed of, everyone has things that they wish they could take back…unfortunately, life doesn’t allow you a do-over. The moments and people that shape us the most are the ones that… Continue Reading →

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